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Storing My Belongings During Renovations

Many have asked me: with all the renovations that I do, where do I store my belongings? Surely I’d have to store ’em somewhere right? People may think I got some sort of huge store at the back of my house or similar. But the simple truth is.. well.. somewhat simple! I simply store it away in a storage warehouse facility! Told you it was a straight forward solution. Some of yous you may also ask: doesn’t it cost an arm and a leg to store your items away? I think the answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, it would be rather expensive if you don’t shop around and no if you find a good deal. I betcha you want to know where to good deal is right?

Well, today is your lucky day as I am sharing with you an awesome storage facility who, provide both very competitive pricing and top notch service. So it’s a win-win situation. Who doesn’t love that right? We all do of course. This storage warehouse is located in Welshpool, only about 10 mins away from Perth city. So it is very convenient and the fact that the pricing is so competitive, seriously; why would you look else where? The owner of the storage place name is Shannan and all I can say he is a top bloke.

Here’s the map showing the location:

map of storage facillity



I want to publish the prices here in this post, but then I thought it’s better that I don’t. Simply because that prices can change from time to time and it wouldn’t be fair to them if I published the prices here. This is to stop the confusion that may arise from conflicting prices.

But no need to worry about the price changes, if it occurs. Because they will be very competitive. Don’t take my words for it, call them and see for yourself!

Their phone number is (08) 9468 8033, so give them a call if you want to find out te current pricing structure.

Oh another thing, They also do removals and have lots of removal trucks available. So they offer the complete service: both relocating my belongings and of course storing it away. Storing it for longer period will reduce your price. But what you may also not know is that pricing will also be discounted if you frequently use them. That is, even if you store something on a short period – such as two weeks at a time, but you do it frequently such as every quarter or so will also attract a discounted price. Well at least with this storage place you do!

So there you go, I’ve spilled my secrets on the place where I store my belongings whilst renovating. I sugottggest you do the same as well and save a lot of headaches!

It sure saved my sanity! Ok gotta go. Catc you in my next post.

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