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Landscaping Can Dramatically Increase House Value

There is no doubt that a well landscaped yard can increase the value of your house or home. Exactly how much return on investment (ROI) you will get is a little harder to quantify, however, it is almost certain that it will increase the value of your house to some extent.

If you are currently preparing to place your house on the market and are looking to increase your sale price, then consider adding in a little bit of landscaping to your budget. You cannot underestimate the power of street or curb appeal. At the very least, hire a lawn maintenance professional to mow, whipper snip and edge your lawn, plant a few colourful perennials around the garden and place some potted colourful plants by your front door. If you can afford to invest a little more into getting your property ready for sale, hire a landscaping professional to design an inviting, low maintenance yard that has a focus on native plants and shrubs (which require less watering and maintenance for those who don’t have a green thumb) and which matches the architectural style of your house. Check out this website for some inspiration. A beautifully landscaped garden can make a property appear inviting and well cared for and can greatly improve first impressions of a house. In the same way, a property with a sad and overgrown garden can give a property an air of neglect which can turn potential buyers off immediately. You can really never underestimate the power of a good first impression and a well landscaped yard can go a long way to making that first impression great!

Whilst we can’t find any concrete figures on just how much return on interest you are likely to see after investing in quality landscaping for your home, some experts claim that the ROI can be anywhere from 5% to 1000%. Conservatively, we’re not suggesting that everyone who invests in landscaping their home will see a 1000% return on that investment. What we are suggesting is that regardless of the return, having your yard or garden landscaped will never result in a decline in house value. You will certainly see some rate of increase in house value and if you are particularly aiming to increase your street or curb appeal, then that great first impression could potentially bump up your sale price far beyond what your house is estimated to be valued at, even taking into consideration the added value landscaping brings to your property!

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