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How Hiring a Car Inspired My Creativity!

This came to a surprise to me. As you may know, when designing the inside of your house; creativity is key for coming up with something inspiring and unique. Why did I say it was a surprise? Well out of all things, the light bulb went off when I was driving a rental car. Let me tell you more about this in the next few paragraphs.

I was on holidays in Perth, Western Australia. I went with the extended family, altogether a group of 6 people altogether.  So we went with an 8 seater car hire in Perth to get us around and chose a car rental company. By the way, their service is exceptional and I definitely recommend going with them if you are in Perth and looking for a car to hire. They have a wide range of vehicles to choose from. They are bound to have the right one for you! From memory, they have two locations. One is right smack in the middle of the Perth city and the other is close to Perth airport (though I can’t remember exactly what the location is called sorry!).

Driving a Rental Car Led to My Inspiration!

Anyways, when driving the 8 seater car we hired; I had a brilliant idea. I think the idea came about because we were in the car for several hours heading towards the Pinnacles (search on the internet if you don’t know it is). Driving through the magnificent Australian country side had inspired me. Ok so it is not exactly hiring a car that inspired me (sorry if that was misleading by the title of this post) but rather the outback environment. Well to be honest, it was the driving that led me to the natural landscape; which in turn inspired me.

Australian Outback Design

Some may call the Australian landscape barren, but to me it an awesome sight. The endless stretch of gravel and red dust; combined with the clear blue sky. To cut a long story short, I used the Australian outback as my theme to decorate my living room.  Red carpets with orange lining to represent the barren land, also light blue painted walls to represent the sky. For the icing on the cake, I used a low hanging chandelier with a globe emitting a fuzzy warm yellow light (just like the penetrating sun in the WA outback).

For those asking about my videos, sorry I didn’t take any. So instead I found the following holiday video of others during their trip to Perth:

Hopefully this post might also inspire to look outside the square when it comes to getting design ideas. why not travel to other places around the world and be inspired!

Feel free to comment below on this page to what has inspired you to your interior house designs.

Filled Under: Inspiration Posted on: April 20, 2018