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Landscaping Can Dramatically Increase House Value

There is no doubt that a well landscaped yard can increase the value of your house or home. Exactly how much return on investment (ROI) you will get is a little harder to quantify, however, it is almost certain that it will increase the value of your house to some extent.

If you are currently preparing to place your house on the market and are looking to increase your sale price, then consider adding in a little bit of landscaping to your budget. You cannot underestimate the power of street or curb appeal. At the very least, hire a lawn maintenance professional to mow, whipper snip and edge your lawn, plant a few colourful perennials around the garden and place some potted colourful plants by your front door. If you can afford to invest a little more into getting your property ready for sale, hire a landscaping professional to design an inviting, low maintenance yard that has a focus on native plants and shrubs (which require less watering and maintenance for those who don’t have a green thumb) and which matches the architectural style of your house. Check out this website for some inspiration. A beautifully landscaped garden can make a property appear inviting and well cared for and can greatly improve first impressions of a house. In the same way, a property with a sad and overgrown garden can give a property an air of neglect which can turn potential buyers off immediately. You can really never underestimate the power of a good first impression and a well landscaped yard can go a long way to making that first impression great!

Whilst we can’t find any concrete figures on just how much return on interest you are likely to see after investing in quality landscaping for your home, some experts claim that the ROI can be anywhere from 5% to 1000%. Conservatively, we’re not suggesting that everyone who invests in landscaping their home will see a 1000% return on that investment. What we are suggesting is that regardless of the return, having your yard or garden landscaped will never result in a decline in house value. You will certainly see some rate of increase in house value and if you are particularly aiming to increase your street or curb appeal, then that great first impression could potentially bump up your sale price far beyond what your house is estimated to be valued at, even taking into consideration the added value landscaping brings to your property!

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Leave it to the Locksmith Experts…

Although I’d like to call myself an expert at pretty much everything when it comes to renovation, the reality is that I can’t do everything myself. Some stuff is best to left for the experts. Especially for technical and specialised stuff. This post shows an example of that. A perfect example was the time I had to change the locks in the house. I wanted to fit a fancy new lock with a snazzy locking mechanism – but failed! Luckily I knew a Perth locksmith who gave me some advice, but ended up coming over to fit the locks himself. Just goes to show that I admit when something that I am doing is just way to hard to do myself.

different locks

Let me give a brief spill on what actually happened prior to calling the Perth locksmith…

During a renovation, I fitted two new doors (front entry and one leading to the backyard). Being me, I wanted the design to be different to your average doors. Although the design for the doors were somewhat unique, I wanted something more than that. So long story short, I decided to go with a new locking mechanism. Not just a “normal” lock, instead something would even make McGyver proud (for those who have seen his popular TV shows would appreciate!). For those too young to even know the TV show I am referring to, sorry!

So I researched (as you do) high and low for a locking mechanism design that I liked. took me a couple of hours browsing the web and countless hours of reading magazines before settling for one. Mind you, when I first saw the lock design I was hooked! It did look super difficult to install and activate it. Let me explain: the lock is electronically controlled. So what you may say? Well this electronic baby is different to most electronic locks. It is a high security lock that offered triple layered security protection.

Without going into too much technical stuff (I may already did!), let me explain on how it sort of work. The three layered security layers are:

  1. Pin code security (4 to 8 digits capable)
  2. Swipe card
  3. Finger print identification

What is astonishing about these locks are that you can activate all three security features mentioned in the above list. Yep, you heard right! If you were going to gain entry into my house, you don’t need a key.. but you do need to know the pin code, have the swipe card handy and have my finger print. Some might say that why all three, wouldn’t the fingerprint security be sufficient?! My answer to that question is.. probably! But nah, who cares… I told you I wanted something different. Wink wink!

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Some of My Favourite Places to Shop!

You know, when it comes to publishing a post… the topic idea is usually brought up by readers like yourself. Or other designers giving me tips. In this post I’d like to tell all my readers where I like to shop and why!

Now before I mention my favourite places. I am aware that not everyone will agree to my list. In fact, some of you out there will say that you totally oppose to my list. But that’s ok. That’s what makes it interesting.. the fact that everyone is different. The main thing is that you go out there and freakin’ enjoy your shopping experience.

Anyways, back to my list of places and brief reasons to why I like it so much. Ohh by the way, naturally I will have a ton of places that I wanted to list here. But I won’t… simply because it will be a humongous list and will take you ages to read it all. Instead I will list my top 3.

Drum roll please! Here it is:


This is by far my favourite place to shop, because of many reasons. But mainly because of the ease of transporting the goods back to my place. Flat packs are the secret sauce to easy storage and handling! Prices are reasonably cheap with a huge variety of choices to choose from. A home renovators dream!

2) Bunnings

Man, where do I start with this place! Too many things to mention. They store everything from toiletries to plumbing to paint to everything in between! If you love to do DIY projects, then Bunnings is the place for you. For that, they deserve to be in the number #2 spot on my list.

3) Spotlight

To be honest, it was hard choosing between Bunnings and Spotlight if you ask me. But at the end of the day, there can only be one winner and unfortunately there has to be one loser. Anyways, I decided to put Spotlight s number #3 as the stuff in the shops are often complementary to Bunnings/IKEA.

So there you go, my top 3 place to shop when you’re doing home renovations.

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