Less Waste and Clutter, Less Stress!

Less Waste and Clutter, Less Stress!

We would all agree that waste and clutter can add up to a stressful environment. It is a form of visual distraction and tends to bring anxiety. A home that is tidy and is minimalist brings a calming and soothing effect. Remember that our homes look outside is usually a reflection of what we are inside. Thus, a messy and cluttered home represents an unorganized mind. One of the easiest way is to have less rubbish at home.

Stuff seems to pile up all over the house, so it is crucial to get rid of the unwanted items and organize things. Physical and mental clutter tend to hold you back from staying active and happy. The problem is, de-cluttering is no small feat.

The best way to start decluttering is to throw away all unwanted waste. If you have too many rubbish to throw out, then we recommend you hiring a skip bin to effectively do it. There are many skip bin hire companies that can help you out. for example this skip bin hire company.

No matter how hard we tried, being organized isn’t always the case. Clearing up a room and keeping it in a nice clean state could be daunting but practice makes perfect. Below are tips to get you started:

  • Let go of the things that you don’t need right at this moment. Do not think of what ifs, maybe or the possibilities of using these items. If you are not going to use them today, get rid of them or donate immediately. No excuses.
  • Organizational supplies such as label marker, baskets, bins and tin cans are helpful but make sure that you need them before buying them.

How Clutter Affects You

According to various studies and researches, clutter causes stress because it sends a subtle message to our brain, telling us that our is not yet done. Likewise, it makes us feel guilty and frustrated especially if we cannot find house keys and other smaller items.

It is an invisible anxiety trigger, but we are not aware of that. Thus, we feel stressed and depressed. Some people also associate the control with cleanliness. So, whenever their house or car is not clean, it makes them feel out of control as well.

We can also relate clutter to a myriad of unpleasant things: losing important stuff such as cell phones or car keys, missing work deadlines or not able to perform a task because of other things that we need to find first.

In severe cases, a person cannot get rid of clutter due to emotional attachment and sentimental value. The death of a loved one can make us feel we want to keep everything that they had. Perhaps you are also struggling to declutter because of emotional reasons, remember that your things do not own you and it’s the other way around. You should control your belongings and get rid of them if needed.

You don’t need to become the OCD type of person regarding cleanliness and organization, however, keep realistic expectation when decluttering. Set ample time to do it and you will be surprised how relaxing a clean surrounding could feel.

It will allow you to be more in control of the things around you while reducing your stress in life. Like almost everything in life, start small, and eventually, you will get the hang of it.

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