Read This First!

Yep, the title basically says it all. I wanted people to read this page first. I don’t like writing this but it’s a must. In a world where you never going to know whats coming your way, it’s best to protect yourself; just in case.

Disclaimers of course. This is what I am talking about.

Some of my disclaimers are:

  • I will not be held responsible for your actions after reading my blog (if you see something that I did to my house and decided to repeat it on your house, then I will not be held responsible). But just because I said this, please do not be discouraged to copy what I do
  • By visiting this site, you agree to keep everything confidential. Although it’s a public site, I’d like the content for the eyes of my visitors only
  • I reserve the right to publish or not publish any work that are sent to me

See, it wasn’t that bad was it? Now that we got the disclaimers out of the way. Go ahead and browse my website!